Saturday, November 12, 2005

dangling from the highwire as the crumbs of abundance fall like droplets unattended

Autumn is here. I am here. My mind however, is out there tumbling with the leaves on the slowly hardening street. Entangled in the grass as the loose bits slowly decompose. I am composing on the the topic of decomposition. As i rode the streets of Rochester last night listening to The Colorblind James Experience's beautifully majestic first album, i went back to those places that have slowly decomposed or mutated; jazzberry's or the rabbit hole or some vague and hazy corner of the cornhill area and richmond's, though still there, is different.
All this life, all this time, all these people, past/present/future wandering in the labyrinth singing in the rain, smiles to light our way despite the intermittant pain, and it's beautiful in its' chaos, it's majestic as my front lawn tangles and decomposes, and i won't rake it. A work of art. And now, as CVB's song abundance plays with my mind, fingering the spines of books on shelves momentarily unattended, remembering thoughts, remembering prayers, mantras, desires, and the sun outside is calling me, so i must tumble, from this chair, floating like a droplet, a crumb escaping the act of gratitude, in freefall, i smile as i follow the flow of this unbelievable day. This vast expanse, of life, this vast expanse of mind as it attempts to uncurl it's possessing fingers.....

Thursday, November 03, 2005

dancing dust

Like sunlight
illuminating those pulsing bits of dust
in descent
And did i mention, that it usually occurs on weekends when things
seem out of place.
All the world's actions
endless variations
red light green light regulations...
that give time a backbone
that give desire a curfew
and sometimes when wonder chews on anarchy's skull and questions
the mangled marrow- the deviant obstructionism- of democracy's long lost dream...
Sometimes we have to question the work of these earthly hands
sometimes we need to question
yea, sometimes we need to question the works of us humans
Intentions don't always prove compatible with our needs
Actions are not always
computational relatives
of our brains relative size.
Sometimes we need to question the work of these earthly hands
Sometimes we need to take a stand
when dna strands begin strangling
the future
confused with our present demands
i want, i want, and i want it nowwww.
That is until tomorrow tells me differently.
That is until i calm the beast with invisible bones.
Yea, sometimes we need to take a stand for something we believe in.
all the things we're deceived in,
such as "Why do people go to war and kill people in order to "teach" them that killing is wrong?"
Yea, sometimes we have to question these earthly hands.
Yea, sometimes we need to take a stand.
But in the mean time
let's all bow our heads and pray
to our father